Farm tour (Social Distance Style) this Sunday, October 18 at 10 am!  Limited capacity, reserve here!
We are OPEN!  The Farm Store is open MWThF 12-6, Sat & Sun 9-5, at 369 Stamets Road, Milford, NJ  08848
Our summer cheeses are ready, and delightful.  Check them out at the markets, or online farm store.
Our complete market schedule can be found by clicking on "Schedule for our Farm Store..."
We are open, with "social distance" set up in the shop.  If you'd like to pre-order and pick up, click here.   
If you need assistance call 908-864-7277 and leave a message!
Sadly, we will not offer our classes for the time being.
Check out our Media page to read articles about us and by us!  Check out a clip from our Social Distance Style Music & BBQ here!

About Us

Good, wholesome, nutritious food is a passion for us, and creating good food in a sustainable manner, while healing the earth, is our life’s mission.

Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse was founded by Jonathan and Nina White in 2002, on leased farmland. We purchased a 186 acre farmstead in Milford, NJ in March of 2010, and moved our family, herd and business to Milford in June 2010.

The Bobolink is a ground-nesting bird that relies on undisturbed grasslands for its reproduction. As such, they are compatible with pastured animals, but cannot tolerate tilled cropland. Once as common as the robin, they are now severely limited across their entire range.

By naming our business for this creature, we hope to increase public awareness about how important it is for agriculture to respect and nurture wildlife.

In the 2019 season, we'll be milking approximately 60 cows, and we have a bumper crop of young heifers and bulls of our new breed, the Bobolink Blacks, which are the result of crossing several common "modern" dairy breeds (Ayrshire, Guernsey, Jersey, etc.) with the ancient Kerry cattle of Ireland.

Our Bakehouse creates breads and pastries that are made with heritage and heirloom grains, risen slowly for maximum flavor and nutrition.  We are grateful to artisan grain growers, who provide us with top quality raw materials to bake in our wood-fired oven!

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Nina & Jonathan enjoying a day on our hill.