Links to our Friends

The makers of these products sold at our farm store:
Oasis at Bird-in-Hand - Producers of the liquid dairy we sell and our close partners in butter/buttermilk production.
Tassot Apiaries - Raw honey, about as local as it gets for us!
Ajiri Tea - Coffee and tea for a good cause
Hudson Valley Duck Farm - provides us with the duck fat for our roasted garlic ciabattas. We also sell their salami, prosciutto, and more.

These businesses are near our farm, to further tempt you to visit us (more to come):

Delaware River Tubing | | 908-996-5386

"Spend a day floating down the Delaware River in a tube, raft, canoe, or kayak. A FREE BBQ meal is included with each rental halfway on the trip at "The Famous River Hot Dog Man." Enjoy your lunch next to a beautiful private island with picnic tables in the water. This is a great way to 'Spend a day, not a fortune'."


2998 Daniel Bray Highway, Frenchtown, NJ 08825

Other links of interest:

Hunterdon Land Trust Alliance -The good folks who helped us to purchase our farm
The Ship Inn - A friendly British brew pub in the nearby village of Milford, NJ (Try their Adult Mac & Cheese featuring our Cave-Aged Cheddar!)
Rosner Soap - if you love our cheeses, we know that you'll love Kiki & Yaron's soaps, too
Alan Scott - of blessed memory, our wood-fired oven Guru
Ricki Carroll - the Patron Saint of American Cheesemakers