Wood-Fired Rustic Breads and baked goods

In addition to the farming and cheesemaking, we also bake rustic breads to go with our cheeses. Our wood-fired oven, designed by the late Alan Scott, has a hearth that measures 48 X 72 inches (about 1.2 X 1.8 metres).  Like our first oven, it is a single-chamber "black oven," the sort that has been in use since ancient times. In engineer-speak, it's a biomass-fueled combustion chamber and thermal stack, which stores the heat from an overnight wood fire in its hearth, walls and dome, and re-rediates the stored heat during the bake.

We create over 20 types of breads that are as old style as possible, beginning with the genetics of the grains themselves.  We buy directly from farmers and small-scale mills that select their choice of wheat, rye, oat, and corn thoughtfully.  So each grain has maximum nutrition, flavor, and organic or sustainable growing methods. 

Many of our recipes use a sourdough method, and are risen with our Belgian ale starter, which we have been using since we began our bakehouse in 2002!  All of our recipes use a long fermentation process, with a minimum of 6 hours to as long as 2 days.  This allows us to vary the styles of the breads, from mild flavors with light textures to tangy flavors with nice chewy dense textures.  We also make biscuits and cookies using only artisan flour, 100% grass-fed butter, and cage-free eggs.  So there's something for everyone!

Our breads and baked goods are available at the farm, in our Online Store, and at our several farmers' markets (see Online Store for scheduled farmers' markets). Click here to browse our breads.

Apple Biscuits - $3.25
Medieval Rye w/ Kalamata Olives - $4.95/lb. (1/4 loaf - $7.50)
Chocolate Chip Cookies - $5.00/dozen