Pastured Meats

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Rollo the New-Age Bull (Don't worry, he was born naturally polled!)

Beef and Pastured, Suckled Veal and whey-fed pork available now at the farm store, select Markets, and online!

At Bobolink, we do a lot of things that are considered unorthodox by the dairy, meat, and baking industries. Maybe the most unusual is how we take care of our cows. We let the mothers raise their own calves until they are weaned onto only pasture. We let them forage for the grasses they naturally love. We feed only hay in winter, and supplement with salt and seaweed. We milk only once a day, and not at all in the winter. We never, ever dehorn, dock, or castrate. And, as you might have guessed from our web address, we keep them outside, on pasture, all year 'round. We believe that this is the way things should be, and that bringing these animals back closer to their natural state has many benefits both for them and for us, as the consumers of their milk and their meat. The result is happier and healthier cows, and happier and healthier us!

On most dairy farms, the whey left over from cheesemaking is a waste product, but we decided to take this nutrient-dense liquid and turn it into delicious pork! Along with the whey, our pigs also get our leftover breads and table scraps. Those lucky pigs literally eat as well as we do! The result is pork with a color and flavor unmatched by 'the other white meat' you'll find at the supermarket.

All of our calves are raised by their mothers on the pasture for the first 2-3 months of their lives. They suckle mom freely day and night, graze and play in the pasture. All of our females are raised as dairy cows. We select a few bull calves each year as our future breeding stock and pastured, 100% grass-fed beef. The rest of the males are harvested as pastured, suckled veal.

So, check out our beef, pork, or veal; see, taste, and feel the difference in healthy, pastured meats!

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Pigs wallowing in the mud

Country-Style Pork Ribs