Wood-Fired Rustic Breads

In addition to the farming and cheesemaking, we also bake rustic breads to go with our cheeses. Our wood-fired oven, designed by the late Alan Scott, has a hearth that measures 48 X 72 inches (about 1.2 X 1.8 metres). Like our first oven, it is a single-chamber "black oven," the sort that has been in use since ancient times. In engineer-speak, it's a biomass-fueled combustion chamber and thermal stack, which stores the heat from an overnight wood fire in its hearth, walls and dome, and re-rediates the stored heat during the bake.

Our breads are available at the farm, in our Online Store, and at our several farmers' markets (see Online Store for scheduled farmers' markets). Click here to browse breads.

Apple Biscuits - $3.25

Rosemary Epi - $5.50

Medieval Rye w/ Kalamata Olives - $4.95/lb. (1/4 loaf - $7.50)